Weight Training for Women

Woman Doing Weight TrainingWeight training generally refers to exercises performed with the application of some sort of external resistance via free weights, cable stations, selectorized machines, or resistance bands. It is an important part of overall fitness for both men and women. However, weight training for women can be particularly important because the greater risk of osteoporosis, particularly after menopause.

While there is no such thing as a weight training program specifically for women (most programs targeted towards women are gimmicks), Dr. Maurya can readily modify a fitness regimen to emphasize the development of certain muscle groups based on personal preferences.

Many women seek to avoiding over-developing their upper body while toning up their lower body and midsection. While V strongly encourages well-balanced physiques, he works with you to help achieve any aesthetic goals you may have.

In an area of fitness that has historically been a male endeavor, weight training for women may seem like a daunting task. The weight room may be outside the comfort zone of many women, mainly due to intimidation and lack of knowledge.

This is where working with V can be of tremendous benefit. He will show you how to perform exercises and structure workouts to train the specific areas you are interested in developing.

Using a combination of free weights, cable devices, and resistance bands, Dr. Maurya will demonstrate how to target certain muscle groups while providing enough intensity to produce a calorie burn.

Stop by the Atlanta studio to discuss your weight training goals and objectives.