Weight Loss Training

When it comes to weight loss training, Dr. Maurya focuses on sustainable nutrition backed by scientific research. It is true that exercise has an enormous positive impact on overall health, regardless of your size. But for the purposes of weight loss, training by itself is insufficient. Studies have shown that exercise alone simply does not create enough of a calorie deficit.

Dr. Maurya stresses that while you need exercise to build muscles, changes in your diet are required for them to be visible. Using an evidence-based approach, V assesses your eating behaviors to help you figure out where you’re going wrong and what you can do about it.

Dr. Maurya isn’t as concerned with weight loss as he is with fat loss. By including strength training into his exercise programming, V emphasizes changes body composition rather than body weight. Strength training ensures that the majority of weight lost comes from fat rather than muscle.

Leaving no element of fitness unaddressed, Dr. Maurya places equal importance on cardiovascular exercise, and incorporates it into all his personal training programs. V structures his cardio conditioning to achieve the most calorie burn, all while improving aerobic/anaerobic capacity and minimizing the loss of metabolically active lean muscle tissue.

Dr. Maurya isn’t trying to sell you on false information or inflated promises. He doesn’t mislead you by guaranteeing instant, miraculous results. Using his understanding of human physiology, V helps you formulate realistic diet and exercise habits that will create lasting changes in your body.

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