Personal Training Services

Dr. Maurya provides personal training services from an integrated perspective. This means that while you may contact him with a specific goal in mind (i.e. weight loss training or strength training), he addresses all components of fitness, with an emphasis on your particular fitness needs.

Dr. Maurya’s (“V’s”) educational background allows him to navigate through the litany of health misinformation to provide personal training methods based in legitimate scientific research. Because of solid scientific support demonstrating its benefits in promoting fat loss and building/preserving bone mineral density, Dr. Maurya encourages both strength training for men and weight training for women. V incorporates a combination of weight training and calisthenics into his strength training programs to both optimize fat loss and build lean muscle.

While his personal training programs will be tailored to your needs and abilities, expect to be exposed to a wide variety of exercise modalities and equipment, from free weights to cables to medicine balls. V ensures that the workouts continue to challenge your body, while providing variety to prevent plateaus and the boredom of set routines.

Medical Disclaimer

Dr. Maurya’s medical background uniquely qualifies him to work with individuals recovering from injuries or with chronic medical conditions. He designs personal training regimens to work around limitations, while implementing exercises intended to improve functionality, ameliorate chronic pain, stabilize damaged joints, and improve cardiovascular health.

Dr. Maurya works in conjunction with recommendations given by your health care providers, including sub-specialists, dietitians, and physical/occupational therapists. V’s personal training programs are intended to supplement, not replace, health care interventions given by your providers. While he works to design exercise routines that are safe for you to perform, it is your responsibility to report any medical conditions and obtain clearance from your health care provider(s) prior to beginning an exercise program. Dr. Maurya assumes no liability for injuries and/or death resulting from a failure to disclose pertinent medical information.

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