Session Rates and Packages

Session Rates and Packages

Body by V focuses primarily on one-on-one personal training to provide quality service and individual attention to your particular fitness needs. However, 2 person sessions are offered for those on a budget or those who feel they would benefit from a group setting. Dr. Maurya recommends that members of a group be of approximately the same fitness level for group training sessions to be effective. In-home training is also available, but is subject to availability and prorated based on travel time.

Personal Training Sessions

Individual Sessions:

$100: 60 minute individual session
$70: 30 minute individual session


$1800: 60 minute individual sessions x 20
$1200: 30 minute individual sessions x 20

Two-Person Sessions:

$80/person for 60 minutes
$60/person for 30 minutes

Two-Person Sessions with Package Purchase:

$70/person for 60 minutes
$50/person for 30 minutes

*Sessions conducted outside the trainer’s facility are prorated at $100 an hour including travel time.

*I accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and all major credit cards.