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Robert R., February 16, 2016

I have been training with V for almost 4 months. What makes me a unique client is that I’m a T3 paraplegic. So I’m very limited on the number of exercises I can perform adequately for strong workout. Do to V’s experience as a trainer and his medical knowledge we were highly productive starting from the first session. With past trainers it has taken a few weeks to tailor a routine, but not with V. He immediately understood my limitations and optimized a routine that reflects his training style.

My results have been significantly noticeable. Shoulders, chest and biceps have filled out nicely and he has helped me overcome barriers with other sets of muscles. I’d highly recommend V. His approach and temperament can fit any client’s needs. He is reliable and keeps timely appointments.

5 star – because he can train clients with high fitness levels to those with significant disabilities. I look forward to each session. Thanks V!

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Noah B., February 13, 2016

My fitness journey kicked into high gear in July 2015 when I hired V to help me reach the next level in my pursuit of a healthier me. Since then, I’ve seen V for 30 minute sessions 2-4 times per week.

After doing extensive internet research on various gyms and personal trainer studios, I decided to give V a shot based on previous Yelp reviews and his medical background. I’ve had a series of serious health issues over the past 2 years ranging from herniated discs to early onset osteoporosis and it is critical for me to find someone who is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy and isn’t just focused on slinging weights.

Every workout is unique, motivating, and geared toward maximizing every minute to gain maximum results. The workouts are grueling but he’s always right there, doing them with me which is a great internal motivator and sure beats someone screaming or yelling at me. I really appreciate that V listens to me when certain exercises need modification and he always seems to know when to push me to give ‘just another 10 seconds’ when I’m close to giving up.

I’m so happy with the results I’ve experienced with V alongside the reduction in daily pain I used to suffer through, before working with V.

Aaron L. , September 4, 2015

“V is a great trainer. I have been working with him 3 times a week for a few months, and have seen great results. He knows a galore of workouts that will keep you catching your breath. He is very punctual, and always on time. Every minute of the session is used to work out, so no lollygagging or wasting time with V. He may not seem like it at first but he will push you to work harder.”

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Pranav R., August 24, 2015

“V is a fantastic trainer who’s able to identify weaknesses and improve on them immediately. He varies every workout with a great mixture between weight training as well as cardio while focusing on getting you into the best overall shape possible (unfortunately that means plenty of leg days haha). Definitely recommend him if you’re looking to get into great shape, and his medical background is a major plus if dealing with any health complications.”

Jennifer B, July 24, 2015

“V is absolutely amazing! Every workout is different and challenging so my body is constantly adapting and not getting used to the same old thing. V is always willing to adjust workouts to your needs as well. He motivates you while pushing you to do better each workout. I’ve been coming to V for 3 days a week for almost 3 months and feel amazing! I have more energy and am losing body fat while building muscle! I’m very happy I’ve found V to help me reach my fitness goals!”

Jennifer R, July 16, 2015

“I highly recommend V to anyone seeking a personal trainer. My 17 year old daughter and I train with V twice a week. I appreciate how V starts the workouts on time and develops a different workout plan each and every time. For my daughter and I this adds excitement and a new challenge each time. In a matter of weeks we could see the results. My daughter dropped several dress sizes and excited as she prepared for prom and her new toned body! V takes training and overall results serious, you will not be disappointed.”

Julia B., July 9, 2015
Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta GA

“I started training with V a couple months ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting so far. I feel so much stronger and have a lot more energy and stamina now. I had previously been working out (jogging, cycling, and a little bit of weight training on my own), but now I can work so much harder and more effectively. The sessions are always different and always leave me feeling great.”

Emily K., July 9, 2015

“I’ve been working out with V for about a month now, and I am hooked! Like other reviewers have mentioned, you are going full force from the moment you start until you finish. And each time I think I’m not going to make it at some point, V keeps pushing me and makes me realize just how much I’m capable of. Really great workouts, and he mixes it up each time so I am never bored and always challenged. I have always been an active person but have been in a bit of a slump the past few months. After just a month of training with V, I already have so much more energy each day, and look forward to continuing to see results. I would recommend him for anyone who needs that extra motivation to really work to see results.”

John B., June 30, 2015
Lawrenceville, GA

“I have had at least 20 or so 1 hour sessions with V as of today. I have worked out for many years but took a break due to a medical issue. As a trainer, he is great. Very motivating and doesn’t let you get by without doing the best you can. Being that he is a physician, that knowledge adds another layer to his ability to modify what we do to fit my needs. I go to him at least 20 times a month and the results are awesome. I am very happy with the changes in my body. The things I am able to accomplish working out, do more to help my mental state than my physical. It is a great 2 part process. Be ready to work out the entire time you are there. He allows very little time for chit chat, which does allow for better results. V expects a lot from me as I am sure he does his other clients. But then that is why I want a trainer.”

Dominique S., Mar 2, 2015
Lithonia, GA

“Just 30 min 3 times per week has gotten me more results than I was able to get at another gym in twice that amount of time! My body is leaner, stronger and my endurance has increased! I’m almost 50 but I feel 25!”

Megan W., Feb 28, 2015

“I came to Thumbtack looking for a trainer to specifically provide workouts to help me lose weight while being low impact for my knees. V listened to concerns during our first meeting and has created workouts that are challenging and high intensity. I look forward to the fact that every workout is different. Already I can feel improved strength in the one leg that I have been favoring for so long! V’s coaching style is also excellent. I feel pushed past when I would normally give up while feeling encouraged if have to take a breather.
We were able to set up a schedule for 3x a week with relative ease. I do travel to the Civic Center area to workout with him, but I do not have a gym where he could come and train me. So far, I have only had great experiences with V!”

Chris K., Feb 18, 2015

“Working out with V has been great. Every time he has had a new and challenging workout planned. He’s also very flexible with times and scheduling making it easy to find times to get in several sessions each week. I highly recommend contacting him if you are looking for personal training services.”

Marcus S., Feb 18, 2015

“V is probably one of the best trainers you can get in Atlanta, especially for the price. You can schedule workouts from 30 minutes to an hour (depending on your skill level, not how much you want to do in one day), and V will meet with you once or multiple times a week. I’m 25 years old and have a generally good BMI, but I recently moved back to Atlanta and needed someone to help me get back into shape, stay cognizant of my fitness, and set new goals for myself. In the ten weeks (once a week workouts) I’ve worked with V, I’ve gained more endurance and seen increases in strength. V will push you from the beginning, but the workouts are varied and V will never make you do anything you absolutely can’t do. When you’re having trouble, he will recommend ways to make the exercise more doable, and always encourages you to keep going. His workouts are usually based in quick circuits, and will always work out a few different muscle groups. Also, V is a very knowledgeable trainer and can tell you anything you want to know about working out on your own, eating right, and generally staying healthy. I would highly recommend V to anyone else, for his skill-set, for the price of the sessions, and for the efficiency in half-an-hour. I’m moving up to twice a week sessions and will be with V for the foreseeable future.”

Catherine P., Sep 11, 2014

“I don’t enjoy exercising alone. I need the motivation and to be held accountable. That is exactly what Body By V did for me! He encouraged me to do my very best at every workout session. I stayed motivated because he even worked out alongside me. I pushed harder because of that. I am much stronger now and feel healthier. I appreciated that he was always on time, provided a lot of variety of workouts so it never was monotonous, and he was very available. With my inconsistent schedule, we were both able to coordinate days so that I could see him 3-4 times a week. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Chris H., July 5, 2014
Downtown Atlanta GA

“I am tickled to death to have V. as my personal trainer. Although sometimes I complain that he is “trying to kill me,” I couldn’t be more satisfied at the progress we are making. I am 64 years of age and have osteo-arthritic knees. Although not morbidly obese, I can stand to lose 10 – 15 lbs. Also, I’d had spent years working on getting out of shape and could not, for the life of me, get myself into the gym to do something about it. That is, until I discovered V back in April. When we started three months ago, I couldn’t even stand up from a sitting position because of my knee affliction, and I couldn’t take a single step on a riser without excruciating knee pain. V has been very careful to tailor my workouts to my specific need and we have done knee concentrations, and have also worked on other body parts. I told him I want Michelle Obama arms at the end of all this and so we’ve been working on arms as well. Currently, I can do 20 repetitions of standing from a seated position and I can to 20 step-ups, even while holding weights. Although this doesn’t seem like much for someone with healthy knees; for me, it’s a miracle, and I owe it all to V! I appreciate his punctuality, and the fact that he respects my time enough not to allow my appointed time to be impacted by another client, who might show up late. This did occur one time, but I believe V learned from that experience and it has never occurred again,
Long story short, I highly recommend him. V ROCKS!!”

Angela C., Apr 4, 2014
I trained with V for 6 months and he got me into shape so fast, he’s an awesome trainer and great motivatior. I wouldn’t train with anyone else. Can’t wait to start with him again!

Justin P., Apr 2, 2014
V is fantastic. I was in a rut with my exercising, and after one workout with him I was hooked on his training methods. I’ve noticed a difference in my body already after three weeks. And what a nice guy, to boot!
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